Welcome to Blockchain Valley

Our Mission

Blockchain Valley’s mission is to drive the value of crypto currencies up, by achieving mass adoption through real estate and community development, combining extraordinary business dynamics and blockchain innovation with a healthy nature friendly lifestyle where the community of progressive value creators thrives and generates value in common undertakings.

Business Model

Blockchain Vall(ues)ey

Ownership Mentality

Every member of our company has the power to improve the ecosystem we are building!

Don’t optimise for the short term

Short-term gains never justify long-term sacrifice. Invest in the future.

We are all builders

We are collectively building the product and company of our dreams.

Go the extra mile

Go beyond delivering what works. Discover what delights.

Do what’s right

What is right isn’t the same as what is easy.

Be transparent

Share information. Share mistakes. Share victories.


The magic behind our token is in the unique combination between the digital and the brick and mortar worlds. The value generated by the digitalized real estate management tools as well as the business activities which are conducted in Blockchain valley is the main driver behind the token’s growth. The profit gained through these business activities on a quarterly basis will be converted in BVT and part of it will be locked for future investments and development while another part will be burned in order to incentivize buyers of the token.

Smart Contract Address


Create a Metamask account: https://metamask.io/

Metamask is an Ethereum wallet that can receive ERC20 tokens. Never send directly from an exchange or a wallet that cannot receive ERC20 tokens to the Smart Contract or the tokens are lost!

At the top of your Metamask account you can click on your address, there will be a message: “copy to clipboard”. You can now copy this address and send Ethereun to your Metamask from your excisting wallet or exchange address. Once the Ethereum has arrived in your Metamask account you can purchase tokens as follows:

Click on “send”

Enter the following address: 0xbe3bf51c6251f9de3b203c868adfc0af151303f3

Go to advanced options and set the gas price minimum to 100 or higher depending on the amount you are sending and click “save”

Then choose how much Ethereum you want to send and press “next” and then “confirm”

Once these steps have been completed you can add the token to your account as follows:

Click on the 3 lines at the top left of your Metamask

“add token”

Select “custom token”

Enter the token contract address: 0xfa7bba73b30442f4a31edc592c2b11a209c84b03

Token symbol: BVT

Decimals of Precision: 18



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