City surveillance includes technological solutions which enhance the safety and security of citizens and helps in reducing crime. City surveillance is one of the key parameters in developing a smart city mission for monitoring and managing public assets, transportation systems, citizens, civil bodies, and other community services.

• Video analytic solutions

• Video management system

• CCTV (Analog CCTV Systems, Wireless CCTV Systems, IP-based CCTV Systems, Hybrid CCTV Systems)

• Decoders

• Public address systems

• Emergency call boxes

Command & Control Solution

Command and control center are situation control spaces that enable centralized surveillance/monitoring, command, and control of critical areas including government avenues, transport terminals, law enforcement offices, universities, and utility companies, among others.

These centers help in gathering information, keeping track of situations, and communicating instructions and alerts.

• Monitoring consoles

• Display equipment

• A/V integrator

• Touchscreen panels

• Data management software

*Land/building cost

Energy Management

 Energy management is defined as the use of information and technology to optimize energy consumption and enhance energy production through smart grids and renewable energy solutions. The energy management segment includes various smart solutions such as smart meters, distribution automation, and home energy management systems.

• Home energy management systems (HEMS)

• Smart Grids

• Smart meter and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

• Distribution automation

• Renewable energy

• Intelligent Energy Storage

Traffic Management Solution

Traffic management solution incorporates the management of road transportation with the help of traffic signaling in various location. The traffic management solution comprises of video analytics, traffic analytics, and smart signaling.

• Smart Signaling (solarpowered signals, automatic traffic counters, queue length measurement sensors, others)

• Traffic Analytics (predictive traffic modeling system, traffic management software, adaptive traffic control system, others)

• Video Analytics (automatic number plate recognition, red light violation detection (RLVD) system, others)

Water Management

Water management is an integration of technology to utilize and distribute the water in an effective manner to use resources optimally. Water management includes water treatment solutions such as wastewater treatment and stormwater treatment.

• Wastewater Treatment Plant Solutions

• Water Distribution Management Solution

• Storm water management

• Flow Meter

* Pipeline infrastructure cost

Environmental Solution

Environmental solution help in analyzing the environment on the parameters such as air pollution, noise pollution, and disaster using technology and equipment such as sensors. Some of the functionality of environmental solutions are flood & cyclone warning and air quality monitoring.

• Cyclone Early Warning Dissemination System

• Air Quality Sensors

• Flood warning system

• Noise monitoring system

Waste Management

Waste management in smart cities involves the deployment of various technologies to enhance the efficiency of collection and separation of waste. The key factor driving the demand for these solutions are cost reduction and the need for cities to improve their recycling performance.

• Automated Waste Collection

• Smart Bins

• Mechanical Waste Separator system

• RFID tagging and GPS based waste management

• Ultrasonic fill-level sensors

• Waste analytics platform

* Infrastructure cost

Smart Ticketing & Travel Assistance

Smart ticketing is a system that electronically stores a travel ticket on a microchip, which is then usually embedded on a smartcard. These ticketing solutions can be further categorized into RFID, NFC, and barcode, among others. Travel Assistance is a technological service which provides guidance on routes to the end-users in an effective manner.

• Route Guidance and Optimization

• Ticketing (RFID, NFC, barcode, cellular network, Wi-Fi)

• Ticket Vending Machines (TVM)

Public Transportation

System (PTS)Technological solutions which enhance efficiency, safety and accuracy of Public Transportation Systems such as Metro, Trams, Airports, etc. Moreover, public transportation also includes electric vehicle infrastructure equipment using in various electric charging stations

• Railway Traffic signal management system

• Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Equipment * Coach cost

* Metro/ Tram lines & Stations

* Infrastructure cost

Smart Buildings

Building automation and intelligent buildings and incorporate functionalities such as remotely controlled HVAC systems, physical as well as cybersecurity, and efficient energy management capabilities

The intelligent building automation systems offer numerous advantages over traditional maintenance units with a greater emphasis on the comfort, safety, and security of the occupant while ensuring minimum environmental impact. In the scope of the smart building, we have included airports, university, school, and government owned buildings.

• Building Management System (BMS)

• Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

• Lighting Control

• Security and Access Control

• Emergency Alarm and Evacuation System

* Corporate smart building

* Residential smart building

Parking Management

Parking management envisages drafting strategies and policies aimed at helping people find vacant parking spots, ensuring a seamless parking experience for citizens, and eventually contributing toward efficient monitoring and management of transportation systems and other community services.

• Intelligent Parking Solutions

• Parking Sensors

• Bicycle Parking System

• Parking Lot Management Software

• Counting sensor

• Parking sensor controllers

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a lighting technology designed for offering efficient use of energy. Many city leaders recognize smart street lighting as a first step toward the development of a smart city. Moreover, increasing the energy efficiency of the city and reducing costs of energy and maintenance, smart lighting can also provide a backbone for a wide range of smart city applications, including traffic management, public safety, environmental monitoring, smart parking, and extended Wi-Fi and cellular communications among others.

• Lighting Controller

• Lamp poles

• Lights & Luminaires

• Software


E-governance is an integration of information and communication technology for delivering government services, exchange of information, and communication transactions, among others. E-governance aims to make the system more transparent and citizens more informed. Moreover, Web portals, online forums, mobile apps, and their unified services have helped the citizens to directly share their feedback, suggestions, and grievances to government authorities

• Digital Platforms

• Citizen services (Government to Citizen, Government to Employees (G2E))

• Mobile applications

Toll Management

A Toll Management System (TMS) is a place to collect revenue and recover the capital outlay incurred on the cost of construction, repairs, maintenance, expenses on toll operation by concessionaires, private organizations to provide reduced travel time and increased level to service to end user.

• Toll management software

• Toll Sensors

Smart Healthcare

Smart healthcare is defined by the technology that leads to better diagnostic tools, better treatment for patients, and devices that improve the quality of life for anyone and everyone.

• Electronic Health Record

• mHealth

• Patient data management software

• Telemedicine